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A new podcast from Skye Borgman, the director of the documentary sensation "Abducted in Plain Sight" and True Crime Obsessed's Patrick Hinds.

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It's been a year since the smash hit documentary Abducted in Plain Sight premiered on Netflix and set the internet ablaze with shock, fascination, disbelief, and rage over the story of 12 year-old Jan Broberg who was kidnapped TWICE by her neighbor and family friend Bob Berchtold. This four-part series goes behind the scenes of the documentary and shares new interviews with Jan and her parents, deleted scenes, shocking plot lines cut from the film, never-before-heard audio journals from the kidnapper and his wife recovered by the FBI, and so much more.

Ep.1   One Year Later

In episode 1, we catch up with Jan who shares how her life has changed in the year since Abducted in Plain Sight premiered and she shares new insight into how she found the courage to tell her story. We also learn how the filmmakers got ahold of the kidnapper's audio journals and we share more of these never-before-heard tapes.

Ep.2   The Kidnapper

In episode 2 we're taking a hard look at the kidnapper, Robert Berchtold. We'll share clips of a truly insane plot line left out of the film, you'll hear Jan read an excerpt of an unpublished manuscript written by Berchtold about his affair with her mother, you'll hear from Joe Berchtold--the kidnapper's brother and the only member of the Berchtold family willing to speak to the filmmakers--, and we'll discuss new information that led to Jan Broberg being kidnapped twice.

Ep.3   The Most Divisive Parents on the Planet

Episode 3 is all about Jan's parents--their choices and mistakes. We'll share new interview clips of Jan's parents talking about their sexual and emotional infidelities with Berchtold, you'll hear a new story from Jan's dad about how he thinks Berchtold to get him out of the way, we'll share more from our new interview with Jan--including tough questions about her parents' relationships with her kidnapper, and we take a deep dive into Jan's dad's sexual encounters with Berchtold and what, if anything, they mean.

Ep.4   How Did This Get Made?

Episode 4 is all about how the film Abducted in Plain Sight came together. After all the research, interviews, casting, and shooting. When it came time to take all the material they had and make a movie out of it, how did they do it? How did they decide what the core story was and how to tell it? Over the course of putting this podcast together, one of the names that kept coming up as someone who was key to the storytelling of the film was the editor, James Cude. So we decided that Skye and James should sit down and have a conversation about what should stay, what should be cut, and how the storytelling helped propel this small, independent project into a worldwide phenomenon.



Skye Borgman Abducted in Plain Sight
Patrick Hinds Abducted in Plain Sight

Skye Borgman 

Skye Borgman is an award-winning director who films narrative and documentary films all over the world. She has collaborated on over 50 films, traveled to over 60 countries and lived on three continents.  Her global experiences guide her vision, thought and approach to filmmaking, giving her the unique ability to connect with all types of personalities.  She has filmed rock-stars, prime ministers, drug addicts, environmentalists, Academy award winners, Buddhist nuns and anarchist chocolate makers.  With a keen sense of adventure, Skye brings excitement to everything that she films.  Her fusion of lighting, innovation, and absolute fearlessness gives her filmmaking an evocative, honest and approachable style.

Skye’s stunning film, ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT has captivated the world, with people boasting, “It’s the craziest documentary I’ve ever seen.”  Skye directs for shows on Netflix, Oxygen, Investigation Discovery and Disney.  She is currently working on two new projects with Netflix and developing 4 true crime limited series.


Skye is the co-owner of Top Knot films, an award winning Production Company, creating extraordinary film, television, documentary and new media content.  Top Knot Films is committed to delivering captivating projects with such emotional impact that they challenge, amaze and inspire us to celebrate our everyday lives. 

Skye Borgman is an award-winning director who films narrative and documentary films all over the world.

Patrick Hinds

Patrick Hinds is the founder of Obsessed Network, a podcast network for the true crime obsessed. In 2017 he and his co-host Gillian Pensavalle launched True Crime Obsessed, a true crime/comedy podcast that recaps true crime documentaries with humor, sass, heart, and just the right amount of snark. TCO has recently been featured in The New York Times and Vulture, and after a series of sold out live shows in New York City, the podcast has launched an international tour including shows in New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, and Toronto.  

Prior to creating True Crime Obsessed, Hinds began his podcasting journey in 2013 as the creator, co-producer, and host of the popular Theater People podcast, a show featuring full-length interviews with Tony winners, Broadway legends, and theater’s brightest stars. Theater People was notably included in NPR’s 2016 hand-picked list of the best podcasts on the internet, was cited by Buzzfeed as one of the 22 best pop-culture podcasts online and was named an honoree in the category of "Best Podcast" by the 2016 Webby Awards. In 2016, Hinds launched Broadway Backstory, a documentary-style podcast which found out how new shows develop from an idea to a full Broadway production. Broadway Backstory was nominated for a Webby Award in 2018. He was also tapped by Disney Theatrical Productions to produce and host The Official Disney on Broadway podcast. 

Patrick Hinds is the founder of Obsessed Network, a podcast network for the true crime obsessed.

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